Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I wanna be a blogger when I grow up...

It's true. I would love to be a good blogger. This is my third attempt at having my own blog. After following and loving so many blogs out there I jumped right in and tried to start a blog flopped, or I flopped at blogging. My super good excuse is that I became pregnant with baby #3 and was just tired and overwhelmed all the time. Move ahead to after the birth of sweet baby #3...Nursing time was a great time to read and keep up with my favorite bloggers. I really loved seeing all these creative things all of these amazing women were doing but couldn't stand that I wasn't participating and creating too. Enter blogging attempt #2...Don't you love the name of my blog? It's true-Home is where my heart is and I have a bad-for-me addiction to Sweet-tea. So what happened? Ok, I am putting the blame on baby #3 again, he's gonna hate me when gets older. Really, this kiddo wouldn't nap unless I held him. Now tell me, when was I supposed to be creative and then blog about it? So, I enjoyed all of those snuggles knowing that some day I would get him to nap in his bed and find other times to get my creative juices going. Well, I am happy to announce that my blog is back thanks to nap time and daddy/baby time. So, "At Home with Sweet T" doesn't flop again I will only be blogging a few times a week in the beginning. I don't want to overwhelm myself. Any helpful blogging tips are welcome to this newbie. I can't wait to show you what I have been up to. I'll just say that I love Craigslist and am going to need Goodwill Intervention.
I hope you all have a sweet weekend. I'm hosting a craft party!!! Can't wait to see what my friends create.


  1. Hi Tracy,
    I am a newer blogger too. I started in April and have loved it so far. It is a lot of work! I teach full time, so this summer I was able to do a little more. I just try to remember what my passions are and what my vision is and that drives me and I try to make the time to create and post all the while trying to make my home and family life more beautiful, efficient and meaningful through my projects. (WHEW! Was that a run-on?) You can e-mail me anytime to vent or whatever as we begin our journey together! Don't give up! I think your blog is beautiful!

  2. Hi Tracy: I just started in June and am loving it, but there is a lot to learn. The most important thing I've found for me is to do what I love which for me is thrifting/diy/decorating/crafting & gardening. Whew, that's alot. lol. That way I don't lose interest. It's also very important to network at Linky Parties etc. and to comment on other blogs to get your name out there. Also, there's a great site called Crafterminds that has a lot of info for crafting bloggers. They have alot of articles to learn from. Hope this helps! Tuula :)