Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Menu chalkboard from dresser mirror

I finally jumped on the chalkboard band wagon. And now I want to turn every mirror into a chalkboard. Can we have too many in our house?
I found this mirror on trash day well over a year ago. I believe it goes with a dresser but there was no dresser on the curb. Believe me, if there was a dresser too I would have stuffed it in my car somehow.  I forgot to mention it was a rainy trash day, yeah that was fun-NOT!!! The mirror had stickers and fingernail polish on it that I cleaned off before this pic.
The mirror is on my car because it was about to be loaded up again to go to a fun painting party. 
Back story on painting party: So, I had heard about this blogger in our local paper.  Well actual I was already aware of her blog and projects etc., just didn't know she was local. So I stalked followed her until I couldn't take it anymore- I just had to introduce myself to her via email.  She was so sweet, she replied right away and then invited me to come to a mom's group at her church and a painting event that she was doing to try out chalk paint. To say I was excited is an understatement!!! Wanna know who the lovely blogger was? Well it was the fabulous Beckie from Infarrantly Creative!!! Beckie had arranged for the group to try Cece Caldwell's chalk paint. Everyone brought something to paint (everything from dressers to chairs to mirrors to tables... you get the idea) to paint with a color we had selected when we registered for the event. 
I had selected a gray color but after a short demonstration decided to borrow another momma's Maine Harbor and then used my Pittsburgh Gray over. I loved the paint and can't wait to use it again. It was easy to use and clean up. After the paints dried I then used a wet rag to distress and bring the beautiful blue color out.
I would love to show you during pictures but I forgot my camera and the phone pics are terrible. I did remove the mirror to make painting the frame easier. Before putting the mirror back I sprayed it with several layers of chalkboard paint.
Here she is:

I have to tell you all too that writing out the week's menu has made life a little easier for this momma of 4. It makes grocery lists and grocery shopping easier.   So glad I rescued it from the trash that rainy day.
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I'm still here!

Well I hope at least one reader out there has been wondering where I've been. It has seriously been since Thanksgiving that I have posted. Oh My!!! And the reason why I have been in hiding is right there in my last post. That pregnancy kicked my bootay! My OB explained all the complications as being from having 3 previous C-sections and being left with lots of scar tissue that doesn't quite stretch liked we'd want. So, I focused on trying to keep up with my sweet Nolan and trying to be as comfortable as I could be until.... Sadie came!!! We now have a beautiful baby girl. She came 3 weeks early and was the tiniest baby I've had or even held. And we had some troubles with weight gain, the poor girl spent about 3 weeks only weighing 5 lbs. Yikes!!! So, I kept my focus on my family working hard to get Sadie chubby and helping Nolan not to feel left out while trying to keep up with pre-teen Lissy and almost ready to drive Jackson. Whew!
Now Sadie is 3 months old and getting chubby as in too many chins to count. Nolan is 2 years old and lots of fun. Lissy and Jackson are back in school. I've done a few projects that I hope to share soon. Not sure when I will be a good blogger and post regularly but I really must put my family first. I'll leave you with some photos that my dear friend took of Sadie.
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