Sunday, June 8, 2014

Make Dinosaur Footprint Marshmallow Pops

I've been on a marshmallow pop kick lately and really, can you blame me, they are easy and yummy. As I was planning Nolan's Dino Party I knew I would be making something fitting for the celebration but wanted to do a little more than just a marshmallow on a stick dunked in candy melts. I checked out Pinterest but didn't find anything that looked easy or that I could easily adapt for his party.
My first plan was to use a tulip shaped cookie cutter to cut the marshmallows before dipping in the chocolate. I think a tulip shape resembles a dinosaur footprint don't you? Well the marshmallows were too thick for my cookie cutter or the cookie cutter was too small, however you look at it-it didn't work. :(
After a few trys and full belly I finally got the shape that I wanted. Here's what I did:

I started with these Kraft Jet Puffed S'moremallows because they were flat and square.

Make cuts as shown. Cutting out two triangle shapes where the "toes" are. (Do dinosaurs have toes?) and cutting off the other two corners. The marshmallows are more rectangle-ish than square so I tried to lay each marshmallow down the same way before making any cuts so the footprints would look similar.
Insert a sucker stick as far as you can, aiming to go up that middle toe. Then dip in melted candy melts. Once I figured it out, it went quick. Lissy, my 12 year old, helped make these. I'd cut and she'd dip.
I hot-glued some foam into the bottom of 3 containers and then poked the marshmallow pops in the foam, which made a nice display.

There are some pretty elaborate marshmallow pops out there. For my little guys party these worked perfectly.

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