Friday, July 18, 2014

Jazz up a gift bag!!!

Here's a fun way to jazz up a gift bag and make your gift extra special.
Gift bag with a shiny/slick finish (not paper)
pocket removed from pants
Glue gun

This is super easy!!! I have been working on a denim project FOREVER!!! So, coming to the blog in about 10 years will be a great denim project, but for now here's a great way to use the pocket of outgrown pants or in our case pants with a hole in them. They seriously don't make them like the used to, my husband's goes through way too many pairs of jeans and they aren't they aren't that old. :(  I'm using the rest of the jeans on that other too time consuming project. I just took my fabric scissors and cut around the pocket, you want to have a pocket so cut the back with it.

Before applying the glue lay the pocket on the bag with the extra gift in the pocket to make sure you place the pocket in the right spot so the extra gift can be seen but also so it's not in the way of the handle. Then just apply glue around the edge of the backside of the pocket and some in the middle then place it in place on the bag. Allow time to dry then package your gift.

This jazzed up gift was for my daughter's bestie. I was thinking this would work for a boy as well. Wouldn't a pack of Big League Chew look good in the pocket for the baseball fan? The pocket doesn't have to be denim, I could see putting an accessory in the pocket to go with a top for a friend. Lots of possibilities!!!

I know this project is fun and cheery but I have a personal note I just wanted to add and it explains why there's been a gap in posts. This is so hard....
Our precious puppy past away earlier this week. We only had her for 2 weeks, 1 of which she was in the animal hospital. She was so sweet and affectionate that we are taking it pretty hard. She had Parvo, we thought we were doing the right thing in buying her but it turns out the person that sold her to us lied and she wasn't vacinnated at all and had already been exposed to the disease before we brought her home.  I'm am so upset that the poor little girl didn't have much of a chance. I know that she knows how much she was loved by us. Luckily she came home briefly and we were able to try to nurse her back to health, my husband was even feeding her with a syringe. I won't go into details but her last night it seemed as she was getting some energy and still trying to fight but then when we woke up she was all but gone. After we found her and while we were waiting for someone to be at the vet office I held her close to my heart and just loved her. Oh, it's just so sad!!!   Now not only are we puppy-less and heartbroken we have a nasty diesea in our home and no clear way to clean it out. So we can't have any friends or family with dogs over, and I just don't know when I will feel safe about bringing another dog into our family while we live here, I can't go through this mess again.
Here's a photo of her and my kiddos before she got sick.

Now tell me she wasn't part of our family and loved. :(
Thanks for stopping by At Home with Sweet T!!!

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