Sunday, January 1, 2012

Getting my bloggy on!

Hi All and welcome to At HOME with Sweet T!!!
I feel like my first post should tell you who I am and what you'll find here...
So who am I? I am Tracy. Wife, and mother to 3 sweet kiddos. My sweet hubby and I were married in April of 2010. Sweet J is my handsome teen son, Sweet M is my beautiful pre-teen daughter and Sweet N is my baby boy. I am blessed to stay home and work from home as an independent consultant with Thirty-One Gifts. Um, I love love love Sweet Tea!
What will I blog about? My plan is to blog about a nice mix of topics: Motherhood, crafty and DIY projects, recipes, house-keeping, and tips for direct selling. That sorta leaves my options wide open. Basically  the things in my life and things that make me happy.
Have you guessed where the name of the blog comes from yet? At HOME=I love that I am home, that is where my heart is. Sweet T= 1. T for Tracy and uh yeah I'm sweet ;)  2. Most likely I will be blogging with my sweet tea or doing something to blog about with sweet tea.
I have followed some great ladies in the blog world who have inspired me to start this blog. I can only hope to be as great as they are. I think having a blog will help make me a better person. Truth=I've gotten to be lazy at all things I love and that's just not right. I'm looking to At HOME with Sweet T to keep me accountable. Please follow me on this journey. Comments are always welcome. You can find me on Twitter.

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  1. Congratulations on starting your blog, Tracy! I'm you newest follower and am looking forward to seeing your projects. Take care.