Monday, January 2, 2012


New Year's Eve ended up being a busy day for us with a quiet night. We partied too early at an afternoon wedding. Then my parent's came by to party more with us. They lasted until 9:30. Sweet J had gone to his gf's house to party. At 10 it was no surprise when hubby said he was heading to bed since he had to work th next the morning. Sweet baby N was already in bed.
That left Sweet M and I to quietly party alone. We had fun searching for ideas for her 10th birthday party. We found a few things on Pinterest and made some plans. We played some games and watched the countdown on TV. And we chatted, she asked what my resolutions were for 2012. She got me, I had no idea. I think every year I make some goals to do better at __________(basically everything.) Well, the same is true for this year. But different. I have some plans to go with each goal so I am better at something by the end of the year.
Last year started out the same way, with a blog. I did a few things but ended up doing more blog hopping than my own posting. Oh did I find some great people out there with great ideas. Even if I borrow their ideas I know I will be getting things done around here, and coming up with some great ideas of my own.
Now for my list of goals. I will update when these are complete and when I have new goals.
1. Learn more about  blogging and designing my blog to look better.
2. Create a cleaning schedule and stick to it, share it with my family to get them involved.
       a. Find the couch buried under clean laundry in Master bedroom.
       b. Laundry Area, make it more efficient
       c. FILE!!!
       d. Hall closet
4. Create!!!
       a. storage and organizing ideas for Sweet M's desk
       b. "love" sign for Master
       c. shelf for Family Room
5. Save
6. Study
7. Plan menus and cook more
8. Date nights (we've had a few since Sweet N's arrival but we bring him along. It's time to let go and let someone watch him.)

These are all do-able right!?!? Some things are more specific so I can cross those off and add to my list.
Happy 2012 and I hope it is what you want it to be.

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